Beyond Bugs Delivering Excellence in Every Deployment

We stand for a professional and holistic approach to Quality Assurance Services and the number of bugs reduced to zero before release.

Software Quality Assurance

Businesses globally rely on us to test, monitor, and maintain their essential digital products and systems.

QA Strategy & Management

Fuel QA innovation and speed-to-market with "Quality by Design" methods. Craft robust strategies, processes, and tools with guidance from our skilled test managers and architects.

Mobile/Digital Testing

Cut costs and empower digital device testing processes with cloud-based solutions and test automation, by ensuring effortless repeatable application verification functionality.


Outsource software testing services, designed to facilitate you from making strategy to calculating ROI & planning testing activities.

Manual Testing

Improve efficiency by identifying and resolving system variations through structured testing services with Toptal’s expert QA test engineers and software development engineers (SDET's).

Automation Testing

Eliminate inefficiencies using “Automate First” principles that leverage cutting-edge QA practices for fast, cost-effective and innovative ways of validating system specifications.

Security Testing

Our team thrives on tackling novel challenges, offering support in brainstorming, analysis, and shaping the solution landscape for your web application development needs.

Responsive Testing

Guarantee stunning web content presentation on all devices, meeting the diverse needs of your customers. Deliver a consistently exceptional experience, regardless of screen size or platform.

Usability Testing

Ensure an exceptional user experience with seamless navigation, well-structured layouts, and engaging interactive UI elements. Deliver a polished, intuitive interface that delights users at every interaction.

QA Audit and Consulting

Our manual QA services uncover critical vulnerabilities and user experience issues, providing valuable insights into your product's aesthetics and functionality across multiple devices and platforms.

Our Process of Excellence

Our QA testers engage early in the development process to ensure comprehensive oversight and adherence to agreed-upon quality standards.

Step 1

Requirements Analysis

Step 2

Plan and Test

Step 3

Design and Test

Step 4

Run Test Cases

Step 5

Report Bugs

Step 6

Perform Regression Testing

Step 7

Run Release Tests

Step 8

Test Cycle Closure

Benefit of Mobile App Development for Your Business

Code Reusability

Faster Deployment




Cross-Platform Capabilities

Strong Community Support

Third-Party Plugins

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Let QA Power Your Business With Our Expert Development Team

Technologies we love to work with

Our Specialized Technology Stack

The Technology and Tools driving our Design & Development


Engagement Models

Staff Augmentation

Hire Quality Developers, 100+ On Demand Skills, Daily Sync Up, Time Zones Aligned, No Recruiting Cost, Saves Time & Effort, Scalability & Effective Optimization.

Dedicated Development Team

Immediate Access to Software Developer, Streamline Budget & Save Money, Access To All Major Technologies, Cross Border Expertise, Transparent Pricing, Total Control
Over Resource.

Software Development Outsourcing

Access To Global Talent, Cost-Effectiveness, Flexibility To Scale Development Teams, Focus on Core Business Activities, Faster Time-to-Market, Established Outsourcing Partnerships & Agreements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Category
01. Mobile App Development

Crafting Native and Cross-Platform Applications for iOS and Android. Our seasoned team of mobile app developers excels in delivering feature-rich mobile apps to fuel your success.

Our proficient mobile app development team designs system architectures that ensure the seamless operation of mobile applications. Our high-performing teams utilize cutting-edge software development frameworks to create apps that align with the latest technology trends, delivering exceptional performance.

User data security is paramount, and at Techling, we prioritize it throughout the app development journey. As a leading mobile application development company, we implement robust security measures from inception to completion. With the proliferation of cloud storage and Google data centers, safeguarding personal data is crucial. We are acutely aware of these concerns and place utmost emphasis on data security, offering highly secure applications for your peace of mind.

Swift and Objective-C. These languages are essential for creating high-quality applications for the iOS platform.

iOS, as featured on iPhones, provides a superior user experience with robust security features. Additionally, iOS app development tends to be more efficient and cost-effective than Android. Furthermore, iPhones enjoy a strong global market presence compared to Android devices.

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