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We may make changes to our website

We may change or update our website at any point of time to reflect updates to our products and services as per our business priorities and consumer needs.

Our website is available to use free of charge, however we may restrict its availability or any of its part for any user, for any reason. We may also suspend or withdraw it for business operations reasons.

You must keep any shared information confidential

You must keep that information confidential if you are provided with some user identification code or any other information as part of our digital security procedures. For instance, if you make payments through our website for any project, you should not disclose confidential information to any third party.

If you suspect any security violation or found someone using your confidential information, you must immediately notify us at info@techling.tech.com

How to use any material on our website

We own and are a licensee of all the intellectual property rights and content published on this website. Interstate and international copyright laws protect our work.

You may download extracts from any page(s) or print off a copy for personal use but with our trademark on it, not otherwise.

You cannot make changes in the digital or paper copies of any of our website materials you print or download from our site. You must not use any video, audio sequences, graphics or illustrations separately from the accompanying text. All such rights are reserved with us.

You must always acknowledge our status as the proprietor owner of whatever content you curate and use for non-commercial purposes. You must not use any of our website content for commercial purposes without getting our consent or license to do so. If found breaching any of these terms, we will cease your right of using our website, and we may take legal action against any such activity. Moreover, at our option, you must destroy or return the copies of our website material you have made.

We are not responsible for third parties linked to our site

Our website may contain links to other third-party sites for your information only. You must not interpret these external resource links as approved by us or any information you may get from them. We are not liable to content, practices and privacy policies of these third-party sites linked to our website as we have no control on them.

We may allow refunds and cancellation of projects

In rare situations, Techling.tech may consider refund and cancellation requests by customers under specific constraints. The terms of the code are described below:


    • A full refund will be facilitated if the project work has not been initiated at any level at a request for cancellation.

    • If one or more milestones of the project are completed or delivered, they will not be refundable and associated payments will have to be made on the client’s part while the remaining amount will be refunded.

    • If a project has been initiated but a milestone has not been reached, the client will be liable to pay for the work hours accordingly, while the remaining project will be canceled with associated refunding.

    • A refund or cancellation request and its related payments may be subject to an individual project’s terms of the agreement between the client and our company.

    • If the case where the whole project is complete or delivered, no refund or cancellation will be facilitated on the part of the company.

We may change these terms, any time

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